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Cryo-EM structure of VASH1-SVBP bound to microtubules

Li F, Li Y, Ye X, Gao H, Shi Z, Luo X, Rice LM, and Yu H

eLife 2020 August  


CLASPs at a glance

Lawrence EJ, Zanic M, and Rice LM

Journal of Cell Science 2020 April  


Insights into allosteric control of microtubule dynamics from a buried β-tubulin mutation that causes faster growth and slower shrinkage

Ye, XY, Kim T, Geyer, EA, and Rice LM

Protein Science 2020 June  


Long-range, through-lattice coupling improves predictions of microtubule catastrophe

Kim T, and Rice LM

Molecular Biology of the Cell 2019 June  


Direct observation of individual tubulin dimers binding to growing microtubules

Mickolajczyk, KJ, Geyer EA, Kim T, Rice LM, and Hancock WO

PNAS 2019 April  


Design principles of a microtubule polymerase

Geyer EA, Miller MP, Brautigam CA, Biggins S, and Rice LM

eLife 2018 June  

An isolated CLASP TOG domain suppresses microtubule catastrophe and promotes rescue

Majumdar S, Kim T, Chen Z, Munyoki S, Tso SC, Brautigam CA, Rice LM

Molecular Biology of the Cell 2018 April  

Microtubule dynamics: an interplay of biochemistry and mechanics

Brouhard GJ and Rice LM
Nature Reviews Molecular and Cell Biology 2018 July  

Structural and functional differences between porcine brain and budding yeast microtubules

Howes SC, Geyer EA, LaFrance B, Zhang R, Kellogg EA, Westermann S, Rice LM, and Nogales E
Cell Cycle 2018 January  

A tubulin binding switch underlies Kip3/Kinesin-8 depolymerase activity

Arellano-Santoyo H, Geyer EA, Stokasimov E, Chen G-Y, Su X, Hancock W, Rice LM, and Pellman D
Developmental Cell 2017 July;   

Direct measurement of conformational strain energy in protofilaments curling outward from disassembling microtubule tips

Driver JW, Geyer EA, Bailey M, Rice LM, and Asbury CA
eLife 2017 June;   

Structural differences between yeast and mammalian microtubules revealed by cryo-EM

Howes SC, Geyer EA, LaFrance B, Zhang R, Kellogg EA, Westermann S, Rice LM, and Nogales E
J Cell Biol 2017 June; 

GDP to GTP exchange on the microtubule end can contribute to the frequency of catastrophe

Piedra FA, Kim T, Garza ES, Geyer EA, Burns A, Ye X, and Rice LM
Mol Biol Cell 2016 May;   

A mutation uncouples the tubulin conformational and GTPase cycles, revealing allosteric control of microtubule dynamics

Geyer EA, Burns A, Lalonde BA, Ye X, Piedra FA, Huffaker TC, and Rice LM
eLife 2015 Oct; 4:e10113  

The contribution of ab-tubulin curvature to microtubule dynamics

Brouhard GJ and Rice LM
J Cell Biology 2014 Nov; 207:323-334  

A tethered delivery mechanism explains the catalytic action of a microtubule polymerase

Azaz P, Munyoki S, Geyer EA, Piedra FA, Vu ES, Bromberg R, Orwinowski Z, Grishin NV, Brautigam CA, and Rice LM
eLife 2014 August 5; 3:e03069  

Regulation of microtubule motors by tubulin isotypes and post-translational modifications

Sirajuddin M, Rice LM, and Vale RD
Nature Cell Biology 2014 April; 16:335-44  

A TOG:ab-tubulin complex structure reveals conformation-based mechanisms for a microtubule polymerase

Azaz P, Ye X, Huddleston P, Brautigam CA, and Rice LM
Science 2012 August 17; 337:857-860  

Design, over expression, and purification of polymerization-blocked yeast ab-tubulin mutants

Johnson V, Ayaz P, Huddleston P, and Rice LM
Biochemistry 2011 Oct 11; 50(40):8636-44.  

The lattice as allosteric effector: structural studies of alpha/beta- and gamma-tubulin clarify the role of GTP in microtubule assembly

Rice LM, Montabana E, and Agard DA
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2008 Apr 8; 105(14):5378-83.  

The structure of the gamma-tubulin small complex: implications of its architecture and flexibility for microtubule nucleation 
Kollman JW, Zelter A, Muller EG, Fox B, Rice LM, Davis TN, and Agard DA
Mol Biol Cell 2008 Jan; 19(1):207-15.  

Insights into microtubule nucleation from the crystal structure of human gamma-tubulin

Aldaz H, Rice LM, Stearns T, and Agard DA
Nature 2005 May 26; 435(7041):523-7. doi: 10.1083/jcb.201407095 

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